The blueberry is a typical fruit of the undergrowth and it has innumerable quality.

These small berries, have a huge amount of antioxidants, thus able to prevent cardiovascular disease, protect against cancer and even delay the natural aging process.

So they have a dual purpose: first they represent a source of food, and second they are used as a medicament.

The blueberry is rich in vitamins A, C and minerals.

Our producers pick the blueberry by hand, berry by berry.

The harvest time is from the beginning of June until the end of August.

Our blueberries is available like organic product or conventional.

The product is also available frozen.



A tablespoon of blueberry juice in the morning on an empty stomach it’s a great method to counteract the problems of microcirculation.

In a Nordic tradition, blueberry has considered a plant capable of protecting from bad luck. In Scandinavia its branches were used in the ceremony of the "Little Yule" (Dec. 13).

The blueberry leaves contain glucochinina, a substance that lowers the glucose (sugar) in the blood: so, they have astringent and anti-diarrheal effects of the fruit, but they are also hypoglycemic; it is advisable for who has diabetes because it helps reduce the doses of oral medications or those of insulin



Trash of 125 g,  200 g, 250 g

Bulk plateaux of about 5 kg

The frozen product is packaged in cardboard boxes of 10 kg.



Energy value

      57 Kcal


        0,74 g


       0,33 g

C vitamin

       9,7 mg


        6 mg


       12 mg


     0,28 mg


      77 mg


    84,21 g